What’s after class 12?

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What to do after class 12?

This is one of the common questions that comes to the mind of every student studying class 12, now.  If you’re looking for the same, then you’re in the right place to discover the answer. Generally, there are two options for students to choose their next part of their Career. One is to choose an undergraduate course at  a college or an university and the other one is to choose an certification or diploma course in an institute. Both the options  have pros and cons. Hence, students are advised to choose the best one that suits them. Based on their interests, goals and feasibility, students can choose the desired option.

But before you make a decision, ensure you’ve read the piece thoroughly. The article jotted down below comprises basics in higher education after class 12.  

What is an Undergraduate Course?

An undergraduate course is nothing but a  basic academic level for students in college. The academic level consists of syllabus including basic and advanced knowledge in chosen subjects.

What is a Diploma or Certificate Course?

Close to an undergraduate course, Diploma or certification course is an academic level for students to shine in a specific area. But here, the key to success is restrictive, as it doesn’t have limited portions close to the field.

What are the differences between UG and Diploma / Certification courses?

At basic level, both have common advantages and disadvantages. Diploma courses are made to train a student to  work and earn. Hence graduates with diploma degrees have much more exposure to jobs than on higher studies. Whereas for students studying UG courses will have both the add-on of knowledge to shine in higher studies and remain atop.

Diploma courses have short tenure of completion and students will be trained as much in a practical environment. Whereas at UG courses, it’s equally balanced and the tenure of composition is from 3 to 4 years (As per NEP 2020, UG courses will have four year completion tenure).

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What career counsellors say about it

It is wise to choose an option that meets your interest. But if you’re looking for a robust recommendation that would make your life – Picture Perfect, choose UG courses that are successful and of your interest. The primary reason is the reliability and security an undergraduate course has “. 

For instance, You have completed an undergraduate course in engineering and no recruiters have shown interest in your profile for more than 2 years. Then what should you do?  you’ll have an option to do masters in the same or relevant field that’s successful or even try at some companies who may be interested in your presence. But when you have a diploma degree in hand, years crossed and still found no fit, then you’ve the only option to boost your skill sets in the discipline and study masters degree (only acceptable for some courses). 

No recruiters will show interest in a candidate, who had best knowledge in old technologies. But an undergraduate would have a chance to work, because of his/her expertise in the field with relevant soft skills. 

At the same time, candidates with a diploma degree are successful, when they have a perfect plan to reach the career ladder. If you have such a plan in hand, you’re all set to choose a diploma course of your interest. 

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