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Our major service is providing Free Career Guidance to the students of Tamil Nadu, other states and throughout the nation.

Major Researches about all the colleges in the state and various departments of studies with their value in future for the students are done and Updated datas including Facilities, Fee Structures, Scholarships are gathered by a team of 200+ members all over Tamil Nadu and across throughout the year.

Such gathered updated datas are then discussed & justified by a selected team of High Intellectual Experts and are finalized for suggestions and Guidance for the students.

This Free Career Guidance sessions are provided by Chief Counsellors directly to the students and parents respectively in 1 on 1 manner in our registered office branches across the state.

We are also providing House-Counselling for the students by a team of On-field Counsellors, who are not able to attend for the 1 on 1 counselling session due to certain negligible circumstances with our Chief Counsellors.

We have our own specially recruited highly qualifies Tele-Counsellors team for providing Free Career Guidance through telephones too.

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WHAT to Study ?

WHERE to Study ??

HOW to Study ???

These are the Mantra Words for describing ToppersNo1 and its services to the students.

All the researches and studies are done under the basis of our Mantra Words only for the well sake career of our students.

We provide the Free Counselling & Free Career Guidance in the step by step manner like as follows :

(i)                  WHAT Department Stream must be chosen for attaining the Immediate Placements ?

(ii)                WHERE to Study the preferred Steam of Education (which college can be chosen as per the preferred stream) ??

(iii)               HOW must the entire duration of the stream must be utilized on studies, Co-curricular activities, soft skills, etc. to shine ultimate in the career ???

Thus, this is said to be how our major study is about and the Free Career Guidance pattern is supposed to be.

We provide the trending details, which are collected through our wide researches such as :

(i)                  Trending Department of studies, you must choose in 2018-19 academic year..

(ii)                Trending updates brought up by the various institutions in 2018..

(iii)               Trending Latest Facilities, Infrastructures provided by the respective institutions..

(iv)               Trending job vacancies brought by various corporates, industries and companies during the current running year..

(v)                Trending Scholarships / subsidiaries brought forward by various institutions in current academic year..

(vi)                Trending Subsidiaries provided by the Government in pursuing the Technical education, obtaining bank loans, etc..