How top engineering colleges are being ranked?

India has nearly 4K engineering colleges including government engineering run institutes and private funded engineering colleges. In that case, how can someone rank a few colleges at top places and the rest in following places? Does it meaningful?

Of course, yes. Because, engineering colleges that are ranked at top places are marked at such places due to certain factors that helps the student community to succeed and makes the institute outstand from other colleges. In this article, we will break down the factors that determines the engineering institutions at top places.

Factors that help experts to rank colleges at top places

In general, ranking something or a group of individuals will be based on bests, advantages, pros and unique things that helps the stake holders. Similar to that, engineering colleges are ranked based on inevitable factors such as  academic excellence, infrastructure, student centric facilities, placement and opportunities, higher studies, scholarships and other essentials. Let me breakdown each factor and their importance in ranking engineering colleges in Tamilnadu.

Academic Excellence

When it comes to education or relevant field, academics is more important, thus needed by every student who join a specific institution. Have you ever wondered, how experts  measure academic excellence? The academic excellence of an engineering college is measured through the number of students who pass or clear the exam, secure gold medals or top positions, Research works and passed outs who turn successful and last but not least the curriculum and academic framework matters.

Infrastructure and student centric facilities

This is something serious and important. Because, every students’ dream is to study at a top notch institution equipped with state of art facilities and modern infrastructure that meet their academic needs. Hence, experts rank institutions based on how modern and useful the institutions’ infrastructure is for students. If an institute has facilities such as labs, auditoriums, health centers, transportation facilities, basic amenities, research centres, facilities to improve students skill sets,etc. So, if you’re looking for a top notch engineering college, remember to check their infra part.

Placement and opportunities

Another important part of every student life is placements and opportunities. Almost 85% of students joining engineering institutions hunt for colleges that places students at top companies such as Microsoft, wipro, HCl, L&T and Google. That’s because, every student wishes is  to lead secured life power packed with academic knowledge. To achieve that and help students, experts rank educational institutions based on previous year placements, companies they are partnered with for placement and training programmes. Also, experts level up institutions that has dedicated placement training cell and entrepreneurship development department.

Scholarships and Higher Studies

Will you join an institution that milks you hard to study there? Obviously, not. And for  many students, scholarships are the only hope of continuing their journey in engineering. Hence experts are cautious in listing the top educational institutions that offers best scholarships and help students to climb the success ladder in no time. Hence, if you’re looking for a top engineering college, then check out the scholarships they provide. That’s the needful and most wanted factor.

Last but not least is higher studies. If an institution helps more students to enter higher studies and climb the success ladder then, it’s something most inevitable. Because, the engineering institution has taught him/her the best part of academics and would have helped the individual understand the concept of education. That’s an add-on bonus that experts look to rank engineering colleges at top places.

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