How essential is Career Guidance Helpline, today?

Career Guidance

How inevitable is career guidance today?

What’s Next and Best for me? This is a question that every individual thinks whenever he/she is on the verge of entering into the next level of his/her life. Let’s start from a baby. Since it’s formed in the womb of the mother, the baby’s brain actually senses and  understands things from the outside world through his/her mother’s senses. That’s why parents of today care much about things happening around them during pregnancy.  Of Course, that’s a proven study by research experts. 

“Let a human learn thoroughly whatever he/she may learn, and let his/her conduct be worthy of learning.”

But who told the baby’s brain to capture the exact and tune up meeting that. It’s the mother, who unknowingly becomes a mentor for the baby from day one. And eventually, when the baby becomes out of womb, it needs a haven and guide to understand the new place and new people- reality. Thus, his/her parents become the mentors and train the new blossom much better.

Let’s see how guidance and mentorship works in baby

In General, people feel that newborns do nothing other than sleeping and crying. But they do more work like students. Because, it’s the time they start to learn habits, language of communication and much more from their parents. However, the training doesn’t stop here, it has a long way to go. From schooling to successful humans in society, the training and mentorship continues. But parents alone can’t guide throughout life, especially in the career part – every individual requires a career expert supplemented by a career guidance helpline or career guidance organization.

Before we get in through, let’s learn about Career Guidance and experts in the field

Career Guidance is nothing but an assistance and knowledge shared by an expert in selecting a career and tasting the success in it. The expert who analyzes the individual is the career expert. And the organization he/she works and the contact number, student can reach them is career guidance helpline. 

How’s it related to life and does it matter?

To the fact, career guidance matters and it’s the need of today for a better tomorrow. Because, a career expert is none other than a second mother, who catalyzes the process of success in the individual’s life. And when an individual becomes successful, it’s the family and his/her stakeholders who are going to get benefited. Hence, it matters for everyone.

Was it only for academic education?

Not so, it’s for life. Academics is a part of a career. More than academics, there are many things such as career path, interest, desire and efforts one puts forth that makes an individual shine bright. And those things are sparked by career experts and as long as they remain in the loop of the individual’s success, the individual will shine.  

How well Career Guidance shapes the life of an individual?

Career Guidance

Let’s say, a child is in his/her age 3 and fails to walk and speak. Who’s failure is it ? Was it the child or parents? To the fact, it’s their mentors who are none other than their parents. Because, every child is gifted with the ability of learning at birth, but the coordinators or mentors are masters to tune a child in abilities. Also, parents’ duty continues and focuses on the interest of children. It means, the children’s growth in all aspects depends on the parents’ guidance. 

If parents were the only hope, at which part career experts play the role?

As mentioned earlier, career guidance experts are the maps, who could show the exact path to success through an apt career. But parents should help the wards understand the exact situation and help them travel along the route. For example, if your ward is in class 10 and wishes to do something big in mathematics, the career expert will understand the student better and brief him/ parent about his/her desire in career. But it’s up to the parent to gear up and help him to get in the charted route.

Who should offer career guidance?

Anyone with adequate knowledge about careers, communication and analyzing skills can become a career expert. Thus, they are the second parents, as they work smart to bring the individual’s life on track. In general, career experts are classified into three – one who directs the path till school, college and to the professional aisle.

It means career experts decide the fate of students?

Not so. Career experts help students and parents to find the students interest and chart out the path. In many cases, they help students  to get into the path and stand alongside until he/she tastes success. But parents play a crucial role here, as they are the one to decide the best. 

What parents and their children do?

For example, if your ward wishes to become an AI expert and the career guidance expert understands and briefs the best course to meet the same, parents should think of best institutions that would suit him/her best to the class. That’s the role of every parent in a career decision. Precisely, Students should decide what to study and Parents should decide where to study. If that’s done at the best, the individual will shine bright like the sun.

If you’re looking for career guidance, you can always reach our career guidance helpline via +91 99621 43721 and help your ward bag victories ahead.