How beautiful is Architecture ?

Guess why it would be pleasure for someone to study architecture, well know as B Arch? Because, the course and flow it goes is structured in way one love. The basic work of architectural graduate is to draft a perfect pirtured layout that’s possible to be built alive. Hence, the first drop of ink to pencil a palace or sketch a bridge is in the hands of an architect.

So, the professional shall come up with creative masterpiece that none thought and the engineer will execute the same with the additional inputs of the architect. All together, one could mean the architect as the krishna for engineers. If you’re the one, who has interest over architecture and have relevant skills, jus go with it. Also, remember to avoid unnecessary feedback about the field and people work there. Because, they are none the less, rumors.

How do we say so? Simple. People say engineering is not well enough, hence choose medicine or arts over it. But top research companies says the future has adequate opportunities and demand of STEM skills workers including engineers. So, who should we believe? An expert or a passers-by.

All together, what we say is, pick a career, analyze and choose it when you feel it’s the one you’re looking for. If you have any doubts or need clarity on your selection, don’t hesitate to visit or call our career expert at +919962143721