Career Guidance Helpline After Class 12

Career Guidance after 12th

Hope, the first chapter published last week has explained the importance of career guidance in real life. Following that, we have drafted a second chapter witnessing the importance and application of career guidance in a student’s life. Preferably, career guidance after class 12th, now, amid covid-19 surge. 

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Before we start, let’s recap the important points from the previous chapter. Who are Career Guidance Experts? Career guidance experts are the maps, who could show the exact path to success through an apt career. But parents should help their wards to understand the exact situation and help them travel along the route. Else, the whole process goes void.

Then, what about Career Guidance ?

Well, in simple words, Career Guidance is something every individual needs soon after he/she gets ready to stand on his/her own legs, especially after school studies. Because, until college, all an individual learns is basics about areas and its nature. But after school, his/her vision will be narrowed down to a specific area. If that area /field meets the interest of the individual and has good scope in future, it’s something best enough to make him/her successful.

Let’s see how to find and fine tune one’s career easy enough through career guidance

Career Guidance Helpline in Tamilnadu

If your child was studying class 10 or class 12, a career guidance helpline is a must for you. Because, this is a phase, where the children are on the verge of jumping into the next level that’s about to decide their future. As a parent, it’s your primary duty to understand their likes, interests and desires, much better than everyone and help them accomplish the same without any dire consequences. For that all, you may need a well- versed person to identify the careers and map the successful path for your ward. And that’s far easy with a career guidance helpline. 

What is a Career Guidance Helpline and how does it work?

CAreer Guidance

A Career Guidance Helpline is a communication network facilitated by an individual or an organization funded to assist parents and students on career related doubts. The network can be a Person 2 Person , telephone based, email based or web based.  In developed countries, the career guidance helpline is represented by government and educational institutions and available 24/7 for everyone. But in India, it’s not as effectively diversified as it was abroad. 

Hence, Toppers Educational Consultants have taken the opportunity to offer diversified career guidance and educational support for students and parents through a career guidance helpline. For the time being crucial and essential for students who finished class 12 exams, Toppers Educational Consultants have made the career guidance after 12th to assist parents and students on career related queries.

But how, Career Guidance after 12th help parents and students?

For students, Career Guidance after 12th helps to discover the best career options meeting their interest and desire. And for parents, career guidance after 12 helps to understand the best career options available, it’s scope and their wards interest in it. Thus, parents can find, evaluate and encourage their wards to shine better in something that meets the interests of both – Parents and students. 

Here, Where does the role of expert play in Career Guidance After 12th?

First, the parent or Student will schedule an appointment over the call with us. Our Career counsellor will get back to them on their needs and brief about the careers and roles of today. Then, the counsellor will call or meet the student in person and analyze his / her interests, goals and skills. Following that, parents of the student will be interviewed on their needs and ideas they’ve for the wards. And finally, the career expert will break down the report he/she prepared about the student and share his/her wards interest relating to career options. Then, the student will be briefed the best career options and scope.


“ Now, it’s up to the student to decide the best and his/her parents to act on it. The career expert will then guide the student to travel in the career path without any hurdles.” 

In General, What are the best career options open for students after 12th

  • Career guidance Helpline


  • Medicine
  • Dental Science
  • Allied Science
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Law
  • Arts and Science
  • Management
  • Media and Communication

The above listed options are none other than categories in Career options available today. Each category has many programmes, roles shared by each other and opportunities. It’s up to the individual to decide and succeed. In the next chapter, we’ll be seeing the core factors involved in choosing the best career options and becoming successful in chosen careers. Until then, have a read over the smart chunks listed below to analyze a career path on your own.

Simple way to choose a strong Career – Beginners Guide of Career Guidance after 12th

  • Understand Yourself

First and foremost thing is to learn your likes and what you’re up to in them. Because, if you know your likes, you’ll understand your interests and based on that you’ll find the career options available. 

  • Hunt for Careers

Now you know your interests and the field you wish to play. But the field is supposed to have thousands of options and no “Inky, Pinky, Ponky” will help you now. But Google might solve your problem in the first place. Search for the careers in the field by entering the field name followed by,” career options at …….”. Then list them on a notepad and read their description and nature of work.  

  • Mark the bests

Tick the career choices that meet your interest in a plain paper. Now, strike out those scope-less career options by doing a small research with Google and career experts at Toppersno1.

  • Institutional Choice

This is one of the crucial steps in career selection. Because, you have a list of careers that would make your picture perfect, but where can I join to study those? Like careers, institution one study matters. Because top companies approach top notch institutions for the right candidates. But no worries here. Toppers Educational Trust is here to assist you choose the best college and complete the admission procedure. 

  • Admission Process

Like other steps, you can jump over this arduous step in minutes. But how? We do it for you. At Toppers Educational Trust, we enroll students at top notch colleges and universities in Tamilnadu with scholarships. You don’t have to worry, when we are here.

  • Follow-ups

Like Medical follow-ups, career guidance does need follow-ups to understand whether the candidate is on the right track. And that’s what we do till you reach your success ladder.  To make this magic happen, sign up with us or call (+91) 99621 43721. Our Career Experts will guide you through the entire flow.

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