“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” says Noble Prize Winner Mr.Nelson Mandela. Supporting strongly to that, SAGAZ has been into Vision of creating Scholars, Doctors, Engineers as much as it can, since 2014.


SAGAZ was initiated with the motto of exposing maximum no of India’s Young talent to this society. And so, as achieving it every year SAGAZ keeps on initiating several innovative ideas and strategies in the field of education and with God’s grace it keeps on growing and thus SAGAZ has attained the Milestone of NEET ACADEMY.


As well said “There is no progress when there is no Struggle”, SAGAZ eases the burdens of scoring in NEET for the students and makes them attain their Ultimate Dream of becoming a Successful Doctor in the society.


“THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DO IT – FIND IT” – SAGAZ always tends to find its own way of approaching, coaching and training the students and have high level sync with the students and that the thought process of SAGAZ is being the reason for this successful level of Milestone achievement.


Our Mission

To become the change agent by drawing quality and standard faculty resources for training and by creating the right environment for learning, training, and research. The Best Neet Coaching Center in Chengalpattu.


Expertise Faculties

We have experts to coach you which include IIT’ans, Ph.D. holders, Experienced Doctors and Tutors who all are SAGAZIANS under one roof SAGAZ.


Top-Notching Infra

You can enjoy the break time with your friends in the well-equipped café. Also, there will be a library with numerous books and journals so as the Digital classrooms with a fully air-conditioned facility.

Convenient batches

SAGAZ gives you choices of batches to Jog, Run, Rush, Walk. Choosing your kind of batch tells “WHO YOU ARE”.


Parents Sagazians’ Association is set up in a full-fledged structure to maintain the Good Interactive relationship between the Parents of the Sagazian Students and the Sagazian Professors. Every Weekend & Month end results are intimated to the Parents accordingly and timely for being well known of the students.

Guaranteed Results

With the well-equipped Innovative teaching methods and with the high strength of the faculties, our outcome always tends to pay the students only 100% results and thus speaks our results.

Feel Home

The Complete Residential Program offered by SAGAZ makes the students feel their Home Living. International standard Hygienic Air Conditioned Accommodations, Compatible Foods, Entertainments, and High Individual Care is taken on each and every student of SAGAZ.


Deserving students must be appreciated accordingly. SAGAZ imposes its own Entrance Examinations for the students in order to provide Scholarships accordingly up to a maximum of 100%.

Mock Tests

Weekly taught portions are conducted as Weekend Tests every week and Monthly Portion Tests are conducted on every month end regularly for the well equipped of the students in NEET. Full portion Model Tests are conducted at the verge of NEET Examination.

Personalized care

Each one of you will be treated as a friend by us and care will be taken on every individual. Both CBSE & STATE BOARD students are taken care of both Instructing medium Tamil & English.

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