All about YouTube and YouTubers – Qualification, Course of Study and Income

How to become a YouTuber?

YouTuber – A new age profession

Do you know about a successful profession that’s never labelled as a profession? Then Google ‘YouTube’, start a YouTube channel and become a YouTuber to earn in millions. If you’re aiming to shine bright in the entertainment and streaming sector, YouTuber could be an apt role.  To taste success in the streaming platform – YouTube, all you need is exceptional skills  in multimedia, and management. If you’re confident in building your multimedia skills, you’re set to rank in the list of top 50 richest YouTubers. Also, if you pursue mutimedia courses such as VisCom, Electronic Media and Journalism at top arts and science colleges such as Vels University, Madras Christian College, Loyola College and Ethiraj College, the chance to become succesful is high. 

Who’s a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is a multi skilled professional involved in content creation for the  streaming platform – YouTube. On the whole, YouTubers fall under the category of influencers. Influencers are people who influence or affect followers through their post. Be it beauty tutorials, cooking recipes, lifestyle or even automobile videos, if a youtuber gains more popularity through their posts, they are called as an influencer. Other than YouTube, the professional will work on OTT platforms, PR industry and Advertising firms. 

What are the roles of YouTuber?

A YouTuber has multiple roles to play. The popular roles are Vlogger, Role-player, singer, campaigner, advertiser, influencer, reviewer, actor, gamer, etc. Based on the interest and skill set, a YouTuber picks the role, starts a YouTube channel, creates video content and plays the game.

How to become a YouTuber?

To become an exceptional YouTuber, all you need is outstanding skill sets in multimedia, Search Engine optimization and management. Above all, you should come up with different things that would attract many to tune your channel. 

Eligibility To Success

  • The basic eligibility to become a YouTuber is creativity and talent. If that’s hidden inside you, all you need is a mentor and courses that unseals your talent.  That’s ready offered through robust or recognizable courses such as Visual Communication, Electronic Media and Journalism to mold the best inside you.

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What kinds of videos can be uploaded by a Youtuber?

One can upload any video on YouTube as it is a site that can be accessed by anyone. Videos ranging from cooking recipes, wildlife, TV show clips, music videos, documentary, short films, movie trailers, audio clips, live streams and also video blogging. YouTube is a one stop entertainment site for all age groups. But remember to upload the best.

How do Youtubers Earn?

YouTubers earn through multiple channels including advertising revenue, super chat, channel memberships, etc. Advertising revenue is generated when an advertisement is displayed, overlay in your video. In the case of Channel membership, the members earn a monthly payment in exchange for the perks offered by the channel. Youtubers can also earn through chat. 

Are YouTubers Exempted from Tax benefits?

Bloggers and Youtube business come under service based business of Income Tax Act and may have to pay taxes if their annual revenue is above one crore. 

How does an Youtuber gain more followers?

All thanks to creativity. YouTubers who post creative videos based on trend gain followers to their channel. The basic need is to have an engaging script. Additionally, adequate lighting and proper camera apparatus gives a better visual appeal to viewers. 

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