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Started as a small venture with the team of five young champs to enroll students at top engineering colleges in Tamilnadu, Toppers Educational Academy has then grew into a trustable venture to help aspirants shine bright in their career by enrolling them at top universities in Tamilnadu in the field of engineering, medicine, and arts and science. Till date, as a best educational service in Tamilnadu, we have enrolled more than 15 lakh students at more than 250 educational institutions in various disciplines in India and abroad with scholarships and discounts on fees.


Our Company History

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Trust - The Key To Success

Serving aspirants was never an easy task for us. As years went, the demand and trust at educational services became questionable. But, we at Toppers Educational Academy – ranked for best educational service in Tamilnadu, value trust and service more. Hence, we employed trained career counsellors and aggregators to research, analyze, and revert students with accurate data about top universities and colleges in Tamilnadu, meeting their interest and demands. So, everything we at Toppersno1 do, is present before students in a transparent educational service website-, crafted to guide students to choose their right path.

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Best Educational Service in Tamilnadu - Toppersno1

Why should one consider Toppersno1?

More than an educational service that facilitates admissions for engineering, medicine and other professional programmes for students to join at top universities and colleges in Tamilnadu, we at Toppersno1 – best educational service in Tamilnadu,  work round the clock, to make the dreams of the next generation true through progressive academics at top institutions including universities and colleges, along with student centric benefits that every friend (Student) deserves.

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2007 - Approaching to Global Revenue

Future Plans

Till now, we are offering career counselling, assistance on admissions at top institutions and scholarships or discounts on fees. But aspirants deserve more. What if a student can study and pay back the fees discounted in multiple dues? – That’s our future plan for the next generation.Subscribe our newsletter to stay updated on new plans.

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